Customer Testimonials

If you'd like to send us feedback about your experience working with Thompson Motorsports or any of our products, feel free to contact us and let us know! We'd love to hear your thoughts! Here are some things that other customers have to say about us.

"I did a lot of online research when it came to finding someone to build my motor. The good reviews, and praise from Corvette Masters helped me to make my decision. Ordering was great. Very simple! Walking through all of the options I had when it came to different builds was a huge plus."

Pat, 2001 Silverado 1500

"We have had multiple motors built by Thompson Motorsports, and these motors go in without issues. When it comes to shipping the packaging is perfect, custom built crates with the Thompson Motorsports logo. My customers cars were run hard and everything worked great, no hiccups, no issues. I love that Thompson Motorsports is a quality over quantity business. It’s not about the money to these guys; it’s a passion. The craftsmanship is absolute perfection. You can tell these guys take care of each motors as if they were their own; even my customer’s rave about these guys."

Shane, CT Performance

"You get what you expect from these guys. My build is beautiful!"

Robert, 1983 Buick Regal

"These guys aren’t like the big companies out there, and that was a main draw to them for me. They went above and beyond to make this happen! I wouldn’t change a thing with Thompson Motorsports!"

Tommy, 1968 Camaro

"Thompson Motorsports built a 416ls stroker for my car there were no funny business with pricing or timing. These guys hit the exact date that was quoted me 6 weeks for a short block. During the build I had a few questions and they were always answered within 24 hours you can’t ask for better service. Thanks guys I’m happy with my decision to go with you."

Jeff, 2005 GTO

"Didn’t spend $20K with these guys to get top of the line customer service. They worked with me for over a year on my build and it turned out amazing. Everything functions and works like they claimed and couldn’t be a more satisfied customer. Proud to have their sticker on my vehicle as well. Definitely recommend them to anyone in the market for any aftermarket builds or parts. Thank you again for the great service you provided me threw out my engine build"

Abbas, 2002 Camaro

"Have had amazing customer service from these guys, Dustin in particular! He has helped me and answered every question I have had along the way. The ordering and buying process has been very easy! Absolutely zero issues. Excited to get my motor and drop into the GTO! Will definitely be featuring these guys in my videos on YouTube for any clips of my car! Thank you guys!"

Blake, 2006 GTO

"Built and ready in a timely manner! Great people all around! Ryan went beyond to help me on any questions I had. I recommend them to everyone I see and stand behind them. Lifetime customer!!!"

Derrick, 2005 Corvette

"I purchased a forged LS2 short block from TMS four years ago before the company really gained popularity - it is amazing to see how much they have grown and become prominent in the industry. I also have a recent experience with the team which showed that their excellent customer service remains unchanged. I have worked directly with Kyle as well as his associates when spec'ing out my short block and they were all very friendly and knowledgeable. The motor ran like a champ and still does today, and will actually be getting a new heads/cam setup from TMS - so it will technically be a TMS long block. Once again Kyle and his team took the time to dial in the optimal cam profile for my specific needs in a seamless manner. Needless to say, I would not hesitate to make future purchases from Thompson Motorsports for my other vehicles when the need arises."

Robert, 2006 GTO

“4 seasons, numerous wins, no DNF's due to engine trouble, and a 2016 season championship on a Thompson Motorsports short block. Need I say more? It seemed like a risky choice choosing a builder in Texas when I race in Washington but Kyle and his team have been great to work with and are faster and more dependable then any of my local shops. If you have an LS build in your future there is no reason to go anywhere else.”

Zac Corvette

“Thomson Motorsports has been great to deal with. I've bought two engines from them now my second one was (not without issue) the lifters had a manufacture defect inside the hydraulic portion it was (not Thomson fault) the lifters ended up holding the valves open and causing fuel wash to the cylinders which scarred the cylinder walls. I sent my motor back to them they took care of it a 100% and now it's running better than ever. I will definitely be doing business with these guys in the future and would recommend anybody to buy an engine from them they stand behind their product even if it's not their fault.”

Harley 2009 Corvette C6 Z06

“Kyle and company built me a 427 earlier in the year and it has been taking a beating without issue!! I’m hard on parts and they knew that!! Great team to work with!! Being in business myself I know how tuff the Industry can be, we all want a “friend” in the businesses no matter what that business may be, and for me and my engines he’s been that friend.”


“The complexity of the work and the experience coming from TMS is phenomenal. Kyle's intricate knowledge of the performance world allows me to lean on him if I run into any issues or questions. He takes customers service to the next level and every customer matters. My only choice when it comes to LS anything...”


“Seriously, if you want the same feeling you get after walking into your best friends house unannounced, rummaging through the fridge, and taking a nap on their couch, you need to speak with Dustin.We are running behind on being ready for the Power Tour, so Dustin went out of his way to find us a set of heads that would both work well with our set up and arrive in time before Power Tour. Dustin helped me with every question I had, and gave us the best price! I really couldn't say enough fantastic things about this company and Dustin. so, SHOUT OUT to Dustin for helping a girl out!”

Erin, CNC Dart 250 Heads