Break-in Information

First Start And Break In

Once your new motor is installed, you will want to do the following

  1. Fill with Valvoline conventional VR1 20-50w Motor oil (this works best with high HP big cam motors, DO NOT use thin full synthetic fluids)
  2. With coil packs and injectors UN plugged turn key to start position and allow motor to turn over for 6-10seconds.
  3. Stop and wait 20 seconds
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 10 times, This will allow motor oil to work its waythrough the motor.
  5. Re attach coil packs and injectors
  6. Flash your base tune in the vehicle to allow the motor to safely start and run
  7. Check all fluid levels (motor oil and coolant)
  8. Start vehicle and allow to run 1000-1200RPM for 3-4min
  9. Allow vehicle to idle and check ATF if applicable

Driving Your Vehicle

Make sure to follow these steps during the first 500 miles

  1. For the first 500 miles you will be in a “break in period” it is normal to burnmore oil than before during this time as your rings will be seating.
  2. *ALWAYS allow engine to warm up before putting motor under load even once the motor is broken in. Metal wears 7x faster when it is cold, Your high performance valvesprings are not designed to work at high load when cold.
  3. Keep RPM below 5500RPM
  4. Very RPM during break in period for 500 miles, Do not just set RPM and drive. You need to be accelerating and decelerating on the motor constantly.
  5. After 500 miles change oil and again use Valvoline 20-50w conventional motor oil with an AC delco ph-46(97-06) or ph-48(07-12) Check owners manual for filter to make sure.
  6. IF IN DOUBT CONTACT THOMPSON MOTORSPORTS AT 972-853-0518. It is easier to answer a question than it is to break a good engine.
  7. Enjoy your TMS engine and components. Keep in mind, a lean engine or detonation is an easy way to break a good engine. You MUST keep proper fuel and timing in your motor. We are not responsible for damage due to tuning issues or lack of good judgement.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us online or give us a call.
Thank you,
Thompson Motorsports